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A teenage boy who loves skateboarding and getting girls.. His voice is amazing.. He has butthole ears.. He's shaped like a dildo
Bolivar is so cute I can't stand it
by Nanamanannanana October 11, 2016
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Located in Western New York, Bolivar can be defined as the worlds most dramatic town. Here you'll find everything from crack-ridden, trash talking, fudge packing, neotransgender backwoods hicks to uptight, party loving, sexually absorbed skank-a-zoids who enjoy a good flogging behind your 1996 Dodge Neon.

Upon visiting this zit of a town on the neck of America, you'll come to find that it is nothing special.

Here you'll find approximately ONE stoplight, a few gas stations that contain nothing special besides herpes from the individual ringing you out, a quite delightful little pizza parlor named "Top Hat", and the worlds most uptight, Post-Nazi regimented school in the entire continental U.S.A.

The overall scope of this town can best be described as "FUCK".
If you grew up here, you are liable to employ the past tense of being "Fucked".
If you are currently growing up in Bolivar, NY...then you are liable to be "Fucked Up".
And worst of all, to consider raising a family or moving to Bolivar, NY, then "Your Fucked".

By all means, shapes, forms and values, to be related to, considered as a former, current or likely resident of such said "Bolivar", then your likely hood of being a successful individual in today's society has dropped dramatically from 33%, to approximately 4%.
(v): Dude, I just got Bolivared!

(n): Male One: "Dude this place is a complete shit-hole!"
Male Two: "Its definitely a Bolivar."

by TKOBoxer December 22, 2008
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