13 definitions by rhonda

Someone who trys to control a cheerleader's meeting/discussion
'You are being a cheertaiter, Torence'
(as spoken by Courtney in 'Bring it On'
by rhonda May 2, 2003
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An annoying word used to humiliate someone when he or she is observed making an embarrassing mistake. This word must be said loudly with much emphasis in order to exagerate the situation.
Julie: Ah Shit!!! I just spilled Del Scorcho sauce all up on my new Filas! Rhonda: EYAH!!!!
by rhonda September 16, 2004
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The men of the FDC are inteliigent and knowledgeable in their aspects of field artillery. They are also known for telling the moronic coworkers the "gun bunnies" what it is and where to shove it.
by rhonda January 16, 2003
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A crab louse.
crabs Slang. Infestation by crab lice.
Bobby took Sally downtown for some pubic seafood.
Get your fingers outa the pubic seafood.
by rhonda August 27, 2004
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damn, i bet Lloyd has a BC
by rhonda February 14, 2005
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Refers to a lover who eyes that are extremely attractive and captivating. They are inviting as if to say "come-hither"...Eyes that are desirable, drawing, enchanting, enticing, magnetic, provocative, kissable, seductive,sensuous,titillating, anything SEXXY. The eyes of my Unklbri.
Right before I went down on Brian, I glared into his bedroom eyes and kissed his forehead.
by rhonda October 18, 2004
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Known to speak in broken English and have missing teeth, these primitave types engage in countless acts of mutual pleasure.
I packa ya poopa.
by rhonda January 16, 2003
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