Shortened version of *I know*
You know boat cow died

*Ik* im still sad
by Denizlol69 July 22, 2019
1: That blue haired guy with the sword.

2: The overpowered badass on SSBB who CRACKS everyone in practically one hit.

3: The guy you always see flirting and hitting on Zelda(s) in basic brawl matchs.

4: The manly version of Marth.

5: The character who when he gets the smash ball, ditches it and just uses A-forward instead.

6: The replacement for Ganondorf, who now has trouble moving because he's put on so much weight since Melee and can't find where he put that sword unless he does his fighter's stance.

7: Nearly the sole redeeming value for Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
It should be noted that: Ike > Tier list

Screw you Metaknight! Screw you!
by Zathire November 15, 2010
the action of being forcefully punched, slapped,choked, thrashed, kicked, etc....

Derives from now deceased rock and roll icon Ike Turners abusive behavior...
Girl: hi 911 I need the police

911 Operator: what's the problem?

Girl: my boyfriend just iked me!

911 operator: police are in route
by Lovelyladydee1987 December 8, 2009
An exclamation, used when surprised, or rekt.
Aiden: Your mamma's so dumb, she waited for the stop sign to say go!
Gavin: IKE!
by Superdriftking13 February 23, 2017
The term "IKE" (or I Know Everything) is typically used to describe the new person in a position who is unteachable simply because he/she knows absolutely everything there is to know. This person is typically easily to identify as everyone who has come into contact with them wants to punch him in the fucking throat!
Boss: "Hey Iain, I'd like you show Cameron how we place a roof ladder."

Employee: "Yeah, Fuck Him! How about I get IKE up on the roof and then throw his fucking ass off? I can't spend 5 minutes alone with that cocksucker without plotting his death. I'm not saying that I hate him, I'm just saying that if I were to unload the groceries in his throat to choke him out, it'd be both physically and mentally satisfying for me AND my co-workers!"
by STAN Smallwood July 17, 2017
Verb, when Ike hits another character in SSBB with his giant ass sword, killing the character that was hit, and possibly a character that the hit character collides with while leaving the screen.
Dude, you just got Iked
by Ragnorizzle September 9, 2009