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the action of being forcefully punched, slapped,choked, thrashed, kicked, etc....

Derives from now deceased rock and roll icon Ike Turners abusive behavior...
Girl: hi 911 I need the police

911 Operator: what's the problem?

Girl: my boyfriend just iked me!

911 operator: police are in route
by Lovelyladydee1987 December 08, 2009
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When you are invited to an event, confirm attendance, and then ditch at the last second.
Erich said he would show up, I guess he just ike'd us again.
by CopeBlack54 August 09, 2010
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To cause physical harm and/or bodily injury to your spouse. Otherwise known as spousal abuse. Origin: Ike Turner. To smack your bitch up.
"My bitch didnt wanna fix me sumthin to eat so I iked the shit outa her and sent her stank ass to bed."
by rhonda October 08, 2004
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Named after its founder, Ike Turner, iked is a word used to describe slapping someone up. "don't make me tell you again, or you'll get iked!"
Rhymes with Biked.
by fee-oh-door June 12, 2003
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