Iains' usually enjoy sports and are competitive.Iains' are naturally nimble. Iains' are usually dirty minded and have a good sense of humor and music. They like to play games and relax a lot. They don't get the most sleeep, or need the most sleep. They are always in a mood swing. They usually like beer.
"I met a great athlete that liked to relax after his games."
"I bet his name was Iain."
by Froggyboggy74 October 23, 2017
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iain's are very creative people.

pretty dirty minded
good sense of humour
with good looks
awesome personality
usually a lover of kittens
good hair
iain's are good for going on walks with.
in a word - perfection
"no way, it's amazing - it's iain."
by yma6 May 16, 2009
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1. a super nice guy
2. always up for a laugh.

3. can be slightly terrifying

4. will always help you find the silver lining!

5. a guy who spells his name in a slightly odd way
7. can also be called Dr cadet sergant slagmuffin monkey man.
girl 1: "i met this really amazing guy yesterday"
girl 2: " oh really? he must have been called Iain"
by miss slow.... November 30, 2009
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Scottish Gaelic


God is gracious

Other names;

Look at that body, Iain certainly fits him.
by DFWlostchild November 22, 2011
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Term of endearment for those in possession of extraordinary cunnilingus skills
Many claim to be "King of Cunnilingus", but my man is an Iain.
by xxN February 6, 2008
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Another way to spell "Ian"
-"What's your name?"
-"How do you spell it?"
-"No way! That's so cool!"
by toohadcoreforyou June 30, 2009
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Man who is bestowed with the gift of a wide cock it is not big or long or gurthy in anyway but IS WIDE!!!!
Have u seen Iain’s cock? Is pretty wide
by Iain’scast September 3, 2019
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