Issac is a man who knows what he is doing,he doesn't cheat,He's Loyal and he loves everyone around him.He Is a sweet guy and if you know an Issac you whould feel lucky and loved because he is a guy you can go to if you have a problem.Issac whould normally date girls named Jamie,Jasmine,Erin,Brianna and Lilly,Issac is also a guy who loves hearing people's problems and will cuddle and comfort his girlfriend.The only people Issac Loves is his Family,Friends and Girlfriend....Go meet a guy named Issac
by Issac 1111 May 17, 2018
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Issac is very freaky,loyal,and trustworthy he is also most likely to fall inlove with girls that have an N,E,A,S,G,L,I,or D in her name.
Issac is freaky in bed.
by Truthfull daddy🥵😍 April 24, 2019
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Is an amazing man who is determine to defy all odds against him. Doubt him and he will do everything in his power to prove you wrong. He is a man with a bright future.
Issac is very skilled in the many things he does.
by Owlet99 December 20, 2016
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Issac is a horse cocked nigga with like 24 side tangs for the fun off it. his big beefy cock is so gargantuan its like leg. Issac tends to have a bitchy brother nigga that not naming names, is named Aaron. This nigga Aaron falls down monster hills on a shitty as pennyboard. Aaron typically has a pinky nails worth of length to the pee pee. Now back to Issac. Issac has pistachio shaped friends that kinda look like Lindsay Lohan if you squint and imagine a short beaner kid looks like Lindsay Lohan.
girl 1: Issac is kinda cute
girl 2: Ya, and his pistachio shaped friend is also kinda hot
girl 1; But not like his stanky ass brother
by tottaly not issac December 2, 2019
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Not to be confused with the traditional spelling of IsAAc no, this by far transcends the traditional spelling of the name. Anybody with the name Issac is a total gangster, period.

All the girls love him and all the guys think he's the shit. Issac gets tang 24/7 and doesn't even brag about it, because that's the usual for Issac. it is an added bonus if the Issac in question is Jamaican, half Jamaican or has any Jamaican blood in him, this means not only is said Issac cool and hot AT THE SAME TIME, he also had MADDDDD skillz, there is no way to defeat this combo of Jamaican Issac.

On top of that if this specific Issac is a Scorpio, then that means every planet in the whole universe happened to align at their birth, so they have SKILLZZZZ, LOOKS and the awesomeness of a Scorpio!Although people may think this combo impossible it HAS happened albeit very rarely but when it does, and you see that person YOU ARE VERY LUCKY.

Guy1: "yo man who is that MO-FO over there?"
Guy2: "dude that's Issac man"
Guy1: "how's it spelled?"
Guy2: "I-s-s-a-c"
Guy1: "OH SHIT MY BAD yo I take that back that's one bad ass gangster man!"
Guy2: "AND hes Jamaican!"
Guy1: *heart attack*
by ILAW January 28, 2009
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issac is the type of guy that has sex every hour with different girls and hes a badass
Bro that dude is such an issac
by bubu August 24, 2018
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The best person to ever exist, without he is annoying he is best person
Person 1 - look there is Issac
Person 2 - wow he is awesome
by Elferneripf March 26, 2019
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