1)to be thinking of many good and bad ideas
2)close to or somewhat alike etc
i feeling idealic right now or that is the idealic sweater im looking for
by iamsokooll January 27, 2009
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To believe that anything is possible. To be awakened to the pure & raw potential each moment has seeded. To water that seed. To believe in the Great mystery.
social connection
Open your eyes
recognize where choice
lies in your palms to create
with your mind
for a greater good
by Ms.Defy August 6, 2012
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Idealization is a form of an emotional state when you love or adore someone, you mistakenly believe that he/she has way more positives compare to negatives.

You may idealize a druggie, believing that other than the drug abuse pattern of that person, he is actually amazing. You believe that actually he could be very successful, handsome or calm. This is one of the most common moronic idealization example of our popular culture.

OR you may idealize and fall in love with a girl who has been victimized in her entire life and the world treated her so unfairly, thats why she is so miserable and disfunctional in her daily life. You may want to believe that, she actually could be an amazing princess. NO, moron. She has a pattern of living that way, and even if nobody treats her that way, she will create that environment for herself by attracting dramatic negative energy around her and its not even a conscious process.

Summarized : Idealization is a powerful drug.
A: Hey Kelly, I heard that your boyfriend cheated on you again then he instantly apologized and you have forgiven her for 13th time. ... Again. Whats up with that?
K: Look, He is an amazing guy, but he just has a high sexual appetite, ok? He is smart and funny and alittle bit dorky. I love him no matter what he does and I can live with it..
A: That's good. Keep doing it. You are high on idealization rAtard.
by tonuk January 18, 2011
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cynically said: the art to believe in utopias.
realistically said: following principles and dreams.
This guy changed his idealism for pragmatism when he came to power.
by An idealist January 20, 2008
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That which does not ostensibly exist and is futile to achieve yet without which our lives are utterly devoid of meaning.
Idealists are never truly happy.
by Killing Kittens May 19, 2004
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A deepwoods word sometimes used mistakenly in place of Idea.
Distant kin of this person may also use the word Idear.
*note- even funnier to hear idear through one tooth.
Tim "Basicly, we'll starve if we don't eat or whatever."
Don "Lets go get some lunch"
Tim "Thats a great ideal!"
by Yi Hall May 21, 2008
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Summit that is perfect or ur happy with.
This tracks ideal
by Kevin Lund March 10, 2004
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