(n) Not being completely retarded.
Conor: Russia are awesome! They should win Euro 2008! (beams with hopeful excitement)
Richard: Nah, Germany will win it (drones with hopeless resignation)
Conor: DAMN YOUR PRAGMATISM! (pops a cap in Richad's ass)
by ConorJP June 24, 2008
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Realistic, practical, hardheaded, sensible, real, not fake.
Pamala: I guess Ross thinks he can play me and my best friend like flutes in his little symphony.
David: yah i know Ross, hes not too much of a pragmatic dude, hopefully you are.
by liveit January 6, 2007
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Term usually used by wannabes on quora to define themselves.
Hrashita is Pragmatic. Self-observer. Maverick. Introvert .
by super_nova March 12, 2017
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A change management programme/project/activity/task engineered to produce the status quo.
We must implement a pragmatic solution to maximise the utility derived from available resources without imposing constraints on existing infrastructure.
by Jonathan D. A. Branch February 3, 2003
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a version of secular humanism which emphasizes the importance of natural biology and chemistry in achieving humanist goals; four key points are 1) brain health 2) mood management 3) impulse control and 4) critical thinking; it claims that it can achieve demonstrable results that make it superior to both traditional religions and non-religious philosophies; it developed as a more mature and straight forward take on Sun Worshipping Atheism
He started following Pragmatic Humanism after a friend got him to try it out.
by Wandering Spirit Warrior September 6, 2014
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Hey doc what do you think of texts like this from my kids mom

That is what is known as an unfavorable pragmatic indicator

Wow doc you got a four dollar word for everything
by Tonythetiler December 11, 2021
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The liberal ideology predominant in the US that voting for the Democratic Party will eventually yield progressive results, thus enabling so called progressives to take no action to achieve aforementioned progress.
“I am a socialist, I just don’t think revolution is the way to get what we desperately need. Societal progress will come in time if we can just get more democrats in office”

“No man, you’re wrong, all progress made up until now has been through the efforts of grass root movements. After they put in the hard work and get momentum, the Dems ride in to take credit and gain a new voter base. Your tactic of voting for a dem every four years is pragmatic do-nothing-ism, and is a cop out for you selfishly contributing nothing to progress while complaining that it isn’t coming quick enough.”
by Petty Bourgeois Com October 18, 2023
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