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the process in which a female will take an angled pictures for a profile picture on a popular social networking site. She looks cute from the picture but when you see the rest of it she is a lot larger than it looked like... so you get to see the tip of the iceberg... then the rest
Tim "Wow she looks cute, Click in her profile picture."
Bob *click*
Tim "Damn, she is iceberging hard."
Bob "Yeah she is, must weigh 200lbs!"
by D.Davis March 08, 2010
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To take a massive shit where the shit actually piles on top of each other to the point that it goes above the water, in the shape of an iceberg.
Yo bro come check out this massive shit, I be iceberging! 2 inch heighth.
by SpecOps_General June 07, 2011
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The process by which one freezes a shit (either ones own or that of a close peer or one you founnd lying around ie the park etc) once said shit is adequately solidified, the lucky homo sapian then proceeds to use his new weapon of destruction as a dildo. NB this can be use to pleasure any oroface into which it will fit.
slickback jack comes back from a hard day at the seabass farm, and says to his wife hmmm i wonder what i shall endulge in this eve..... I know darling how about we use that frozen turd from yesterday to partake in some iceberging.... sounds like a plan
by slickback-jack March 08, 2008
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Iceberging is when a girl takes a picture, usually a selfie with neck outstretched so as to make her appear thinner.
She wanted to attract a date online so she got her camera out placing her arm above her head to get the perfect shot from the neck up. She was iceberging to hide those extra pounds.
by Pianomanic November 20, 2013
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ice berging is the art of freezing a large piece of fecal matter/excrement then using it as a dildo
it was so cold my shit froze like an ice berg, we got a little horny and i ended up ice berging her
by GWANO1980 December 31, 2010
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The action taken generally by old people of swimming in the sea. It is usually a practice undertaken during winter, though can also be regarded as iceburging when the weather is regarded by the majority of the community to be too cold for swimming.
We were walking along the beach when we saw that old guy iceberging! It was the middle of winter, and he was out there in his togs swimming, the crazy old man!
by Tulleynews July 10, 2009
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A man is giluilty of iceberging when a small portion of his manhood is visibly tenting his shorts fabric like the tip of an iceberg.
"I can see your whole package in those shorts" says my wife. Think so, do you? I tell her she must not be a sailor 'cause I'm just iceberging.
by Marc Thompson May 15, 2016
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