Where a wet-dry matierial (in wet form) that slowly goes to it's dry form, an example being Cement
The cement slowly Solidified as we tried to avoid it, later we got to see it fully solidify
by tyler73266 September 17, 2014
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The state of being a constant, insufferable and predictable dumbass; when one has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that dumbassery is all he capable of whether it be in life or a particular subject.
Oh look who's here to chime in with his Solidified Dumbassery.
by UnarmedIsHelpless July 13, 2011
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an unintentional erection joke originating from a binging with babish video
"Four hours later and once my cylinder has solidified, heh sorry."
by DesiredExoticNeighbor August 27, 2019
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