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A micropenised scamming youtuber that Youtube hasn't taken down yet. Literally puts zero effort into his videos. He makes 3am videos and clickbaits the shit out of them. About 70% of the video is filler for more run time for ads.
"Hey! Did you see the new N&A Productions video?"
"Oh, the one where he calls DaBaby at 3am?"
by EggsFromWalmart April 22, 2021
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A chart that sorts facts/theories from a piece of media by obscurity, usually the most commonly known subjects near the "tip of the iceberg", and the lesser known subjects being near "the abyss". The images used to separate the categories often get more ominous and disturbing the deeper the chart gets.
"The Simpsons Iceberg explained: How deep does it go?"
by EggsFromWalmart April 21, 2021
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