"Do you have GPS?"
"No, why?"
"You'll need it to find your heart!"

JC#1 - Megan (ice queen)McLachlan
by mcmk-21 April 21, 2009
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Refers to a woman either whose soul or vagina consists of ice. Icequeens never smile. Passing an icequeen in the hall, notice the cold half-smile-half-grimace. Icequeens avoid dating or direct physical contact. They are typically pulled together in appearance, often with shiny flat-ironed hair.
"You hung out with that icequeen last night--tell me, did you enter her Ice Palace?"
by Himalayan Walking Shoe May 09, 2006
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a merciless, unbothered person. cold blooded, heartless and unforgiving. if you meet one watch out. if u harbour the notion u might be able to melt one by pleasing them into submission.. u are severely mistaken.
"You know that girl, yeah, the mean one.. talk about an Ice Queen! She's a bitch!"
by Sweet Nat February 03, 2006
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An ice queen is someone who is not only very unsexual and unaffectionate, but also can be very cold to her prospective date during the date. Traits include: throwing around barbs even after it's funny and just being rude, vindictive and cruel.
"Myra is a total ice queen! You better avoid her like the plague!"
by DJEternal March 03, 2009
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A girl everyone envies, is obsessed with herself, acts like a perfect lil "nice" princess, but will really insult you to tears faster then u can say "thats not true!" beware of ice queens...
The ice queen just stole my bf nd then when they were walking away, she flipped me off behind his back and he dint even notice he was to obsessed with her!
by sHiMMeR March 03, 2005
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A fair skinned beauty, shes a pretty young ting and she knows it. An ice queen portrays the outward persona of somebody who gives no fucks. A cold hearted bad bitch who deep down inside is really soft and secretly loves the attention.
Alex: Yeah that girls pretty, but i bet she would eat you alive.
David: Yeah bro thats an Ice Queen.
by YoungMexo March 04, 2017
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A frigid bitch who thinks her shit doesn't stink and ignores men's advances and usually whines about everything. If you got an ice queen on your arm kick her out the door because you have no chance in hell of slipping the beef to this one.
My ex is a frigid ice queen whose primary language is complaints
by DennisIsEvil June 09, 2007
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