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A sweet and beautiful girl, who is rumored to be cold blooded and heartless.
That's why they call me the Ice Queen.
by rawbar July 13, 2004
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1. A woman who lacks the ability to empathize or put herself in "another's shoes".

2. A woman who lacks the ability or chooses not to effectively define or react to another's mode of thought and mood.

3. A woman who is so OVERLY concerned with her situation that she does not prioritize or account for another's needs.

4. A woman who lacks emapathy in situations where a another's needs are clearly greater than her wants.
1. You arrive late to dinner becasue you were in a car accident. After explaining your situation, the ice queen yells at you for being late.

2. The ice queen's cold personality trait may stem from a troubled past or a lack of life experience.

3. The ice queen is hard to get along with because she fails to understand people's feelings.
by tkahike November 27, 2007
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1. a beautiful woman with an ugly personality; one who disregards the feelings of others

2. a beautiful woman who refuses sexual advances; frigid
1. "She dumped me to go out with a swedish bodybuilder she met yesterday, even though we've been engaged for over a year. What an ice queen!"

2. "Yeah, she's gorgeous, but she'll barely let me kiss her. I don't know how much longer I can go out with this ice queen."
by Starfish1 May 31, 2005
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A beautiful girl who portrays the outward persona of being an ice queen when deep down she is a loving caring big softy who wants nothing more than to sit in her hoody and PJ's eating moams and watching deadliest catch on the sofa.

A true ice queen hides her feelings behind her so called persona, never will she admit she as feelings for anyone so that she doesn't let down her guard with any man that tells her he as feelings for her.
That becky hallows is such an ice queen, she doesn't give a shit about any guy, its just party party party
by leeroy sykesbatch III October 04, 2010
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Refers to a woman either whose soul or vagina consists of ice. Icequeens never smile. Passing an icequeen in the hall, notice the cold half-smile-half-grimace. Icequeens avoid dating or direct physical contact. They are typically pulled together in appearance, often with shiny flat-ironed hair.
"You hung out with that icequeen last night--tell me, did you enter her Ice Palace?"
by Himalayan Walking Shoe May 09, 2006
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