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Money, cash, dosh, etc...
I found a wallet stacked with mulah the other day.
by Bloopy April 09, 2005

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Someone who's always going on dates with fat people.
Adam picked up another fat chick last night, what a forklift driver!
by Bloopy May 17, 2005

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On July 2nd 1947, a UFO propelled at supersonic speed by electrogravity was struck down by lightning over a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The wreckage was scattered for 2 miles or so, hence why a lot of witnesses did not see the aliens.

The military employee who told the media was forced to take it back the next day and say it was a weather balloon. However the wreckage was not consistent with a weather balloon. In recent times, many of the witnesses have testified that what crashed at Roswell was not of this Earth.

There is also claims that technology discovered on the crashed UFO has been integrated into human society. Transistors, integrated circuit chips, lasers, accelerated particle beams, and kevlar were supposedly all present on the UFO, before humans took them to the lab and 're-invented' them. A lot of even more advanced technology has yet to see the light of day.

The Roswell incident also helped to fuel the conspiracy known as the Cold War.
Isn't it about time the US government told the truth about Roswell?
by Bloopy April 09, 2005

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Duck tape is NOT a mispronounciation of duct tape. Duck tape is the original name of the tape from when it was first invented and used by the military. Only, when people started using duck tape to repair ducts, it got the name duct tape.

Duck tape sucks for repairing ducts because it falls off after a while. The officially recommended tape for repairing ducts is foil tape.

Duck tape is used in movies extremely often. A few examples:
- Panic Room
- American Pie: The Wedding
- Frailty
The comic boot error has a healthy obsession with duck tape!
by Bloopy March 16, 2006

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An answer spoken to produce an effect and not necessarily to answer the actual question. A rhetorical answer may possibly be given in response to a rhetorical question, as a sort of counter-attack in a rhetorical battle.
Do you know how many people will be in our philosophy class this year?
C'mon seriously, do you know what the main topic of our class will be?
Geez, how many times do you have to piss me off with rhetorical answers in one day?

Do you think I should wear the green dress or the red dress?
To be or not to be.
by Bloopy March 25, 2008

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A person who does something that Australian Rugby League player John Hopoate would do. Member of the Wests Tigers team at the time, Hopoate was suspended for 12 weeks for poking his finger up the anus of opposing team members.

A person who does something ridiculously stupid, shocking, or disgusting and acts like there was nothing wrong with it. More recently, John Hopoate deliberately clotheslined another player at high speed and knocked the player out cold, then denied he did anything wrong.
Don't be such a Hopoate!

My boyfriend was such a Hopoate, I had to stab him in the chest to make him stop.

Keep your dirty brown Hopoate fingers where I can see 'em!
by Bloopy April 10, 2005

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An insult with the intention of annoying someone, making fun of them, or making them feel bad.
Nick always came up with a hassle using some clever pun that made everyone laugh, and Mark responded with some crappy hassle that usually began with the words "your momma".

Adam made so many hassles about Paul that he was awarded a Guiness World Record.

Pete told his sister a hassle, making her cry.
by Bloopy July 25, 2006

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