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When someone is made a total fool of or completely embarrassed. A shorter form of lashed out.
Pete felt really lashed after his ex-girlfriend posted a photo of his tiny penis on the Internet.

I lashed him good son, everyone was laughing!
by Bloopy April 10, 2005
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To desire sex or similar relations; postulation for copulation. See also: hanky panky.
If you're hankering for a pankering, clap your hands, if you're hankering for a pankering and you really won't settle for wankering, clap your hands.
by Bloopy February 9, 2006
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Someone who's always going on dates with fat people.
Adam picked up another fat chick last night, what a forklift driver!
by Bloopy May 17, 2005
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The phonetic spelling of "Oh, hello" when spoken in a posh British accent.
Charles: Air hair lair, Geoffrey!
Geoffrey, Air hair lair, Charles. Nice to see you!
by Bloopy December 29, 2011
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A combination of gross and skody. Can also mean a skody person who makes you feel gross.
He's so grody, he just came up to me and asked if he could sniff my panties... I just about puked from the stench of his breath.
by Bloopy April 11, 2005
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A man who rapes or beats his nephews and nieces or other children, or treats children like dirt. Originally a character from the book Once Were Warriors by Alan Duff, which was also made into a movie.

A man who asked 5 boys in his care to call him "Uncle Bully" was recently arrested for assault.
You're no better than Uncle Bully, I should cut your dick off!
by Bloopy April 10, 2005
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