any plant grown without the use of soil
in nutrient rich conditions making the final product "Better"
That weed is hydro
that tomato is a hydro
by Otto November 3, 2003
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A convenient word used by shows to show that their characters can grow food anywhere, defying logic for the sake of everyone getting some grub.
Guy1:Man what the hell are we gonna eat in the middle of this desert?
Guy2:Dont worry! I know how to use hydroponics!
by syfy October 11, 2010
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Method of raising plants that increases production quantity and effieciency.
That's hydroponic pot
by Belllignorant June 28, 2003
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the literal definition of Hydroponic is "water working" or the greek words Hydro meaning Water and Ponos meaning Labor. Hydroponics is the process of of creating a system that is able to recirculate water while supplying the plants roots with nutrients in a completely soilless system.
john has a dope hydroponic system in his closet
by Blunt Trauma in san diego January 9, 2010
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grown in a solution of nutrients rather than in soil.
man, that's some sweet hydroponic herb!
by discosadness July 18, 2006
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Water grown weed. While other weed is grown in soil. Hydroponic weed is also really strong.
Let's get some Hydroponic Weed , I heard it's stronger than what we normally get.
by Avalonparis July 7, 2014
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Psychedelic mushrooms, usually containing psilocybin. Most commonly encountered form is Psilocybe cubensis. Sold as "hydroponic shrooms" by unscrupulous dealers, not because they are grown hydroponically, because that's not even possible, but because ignorant weedtards will pay more money for them.
Mushroom grower: Want some shrooms?
Dealer: Are they hydroponic shrooms?
Mushroom grower: Of course not, it's not possible to grow mushrooms hydroponically. Which ignorant fucktards have you been speaking to?
Dealer: Sorry man, I'll take the shrooms, but people keep asking me if I can get "hydro shrooms". Are you sure there's no way of doing it?
Mushroom grower: It's just not possible, that's not how mushrooms grow, and even if it was possible, then the mushrooms wouldn't be any stronger. It's like asking for LP records in mp3 format.

Later on in the day:

Dealer: Want some shrooms?
Weedtard: Dude, are they hydroponic shrooms?
Dealer: Yeah, that's why they're $60 per 1/8th.
Weedtard: Hit me with da bomb shit.
by random_shroom_pseudonym November 17, 2008
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