Sex that was/is exciting and various (different kinds of sex). Basically, sex that you had fun with!
by sassy_bitch October 06, 2006
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A game played while driving. When the car passes under a yellow light, the first person to yell hot sex gets to hear the other passengers (driver included) name someone they would like to have hot sex with. The person named has to be known by all other members of the vehicle, and cannot be famous, or be named more than once. Also cannot be a significant other.
by Adam Ackerman September 10, 2007
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To be sexy, cute, hot, adorable, and/or nice.

Can be used to describe items or people.
That shirt is so hotsex.
Damn, Sara looks hotsex.
by Laina December 26, 2005
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A term used to describe something that is cool; a play on 'cool beans'.
Nick: Hey Bob, I just got the new *INSERT BAND HERE* album!
Bob: Hot sex, Nick!
by Dorian Black June 25, 2005
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something i do whenever i am in bed or where ever i happen to be
that sex was so hot last night, and this morning, and an hour ago
by boobs June 01, 2003
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