Abbreviation for "hat tip". Frequently used in blog postings to indicate the gratitude of the poster
towards someone who drew his attention to or provided him with information
relevant to the post.
I've just discovered that the Illuminati were behind the 9/11 attacks!!
(ht jack t chick).
by Smurf Breath November 30, 2006
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A portable transmitter and receiver unit or more commonly called a handheld transceiver.
by kf6hqc September 9, 2007
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a gay ass catholic school located in southern ontario, famous for losing fair, punching girls in the face, pulling up their skirts and taking nudes in the bathroom. smack talked delhi’s football team but ended up losing 40-0.
fuck ht.
by ddssrulez October 30, 2018
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Hot or sexy.
Just like he is, it is a nickname that we made up out of nowhere. He is very cute and has fluffy brown hair. Nobody bit me and my best friends know who he is.
Oef. There's ht.
Omg. Ht is drinking caprisun.
by Ikbeneenkh. December 15, 2021
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what you say to your friends on irc when it's time to leave the office and go home.
13:51 (person1) isnt it HT on east coast yet (person2) HT? (person1) HT = home time
by doubleu July 18, 2008
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Home Training- you better know how to act if yo mama was here.
Girl, when I was talkin on the phone this scrub tried to pick me up,while I was talkin to my man,I went HT on that fool!
by joe da man June 3, 2006
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abbeviation of the phrase harsh toke, used to describe a toke on a bifta that ends in coughing.
* cough cough cough *

mate , thats a ht
by duck January 11, 2005
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