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Abbreviation for "hat tip". Frequently used in blog postings to indicate the gratitude of the poster
towards someone who drew his attention to or provided him with information
relevant to the post.
I've just discovered that the Illuminati were behind the 9/11 attacks!! www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1753.cfm.
(ht jack t chick).
by Smurf Breath November 30, 2006

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A male vampire who prefers to dress in women's clothes.
Dragula looks like Ann Lamott with a beard! lOL.
by Smurf Breath November 24, 2006

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n. Someone who wastes all their time looking up TV/music related crap from their childhood on youtube & won't shut up about it.
mr x: guess what!?! I just found a grainy 2 minute clip of Zoltar battling Sleestak!

mr y: u r such a youboob!
by Smurf Breath December 23, 2006

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Heretical mutation of Christianity that teaches there are no objective truths, and that Christian worship consists of deep breathing exercises and sycretism with pagan and non-Christian religions.
Driscoll used to be emerging, but over the years he has come to his senses.
by Smurf Breath April 01, 2007

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Calvinist blog that focuses on monitoring and exposing theologically unsound or heretical movements.
I just read a great post at the slice of laodicea watchblog about Elvis impersonators leading worship.
by Smurf Breath April 01, 2007

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