a free e-mail service provider for extereme n00bs who are satisfied with only two mb of space, when gmail is offering more than 1000% percent of that.
hotmail is for pussies.
by Gunkglumb June 06, 2005
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Free e-mail address.
Only thing Microshit...sry microsoft have got anything near decent.
"MSN Hotmail - Less Usefull Everyday"

Im sorry but I cant be the only one who gets pissed off when you try to go somewhere from Hotmail...im just glad that ive got google serch instead.
by Zepth August 19, 2004
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Easy access free e-mail where you can pick your own 'starring' pathetic name such as "bustysetofdoubleD's" or "mrwellendowed". A majority of NORMAL PEOPLE use it because its easy, fast, efficient, and familiar. Any other than the reasons listed would be a fucking JOKE. Literally.

1."Oh heyyy....." "I've got hotmail so that means I'm hot...."

2."My hotmail was free AND EASY as hell to use." God I'm excited."
by G.I.Lane September 03, 2008
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Private email so your parents won't look at what the fuck you're doing
Everybody uses Hotmail now
by your best idiot April 17, 2010
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The art or practice of driving by someone’s mailbox, drenching it in a flammable gas, lighting it on fire then driving off.
by bbearhill March 24, 2018
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Hotmail despite what some jackass flamers have written is a very well organized 100% FREE email service and despite what some unnamed flamers have written Hotmail has 5GB of space which is infact nearly DOUBLE that of the shitty gmail which infact has 50% space rather than 1000% 0.o
so yeah stop flaming about hotmail... its not slow... it doesnt delete ur emails/accounts after a certain amount of time away from it. so there biznatch, suck my fat left testicle
Hotmail is teh pwnage it OWNZORS GMAIL... NOB HEAD
by konner vanderpal October 23, 2007
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