An expression of a face, used for when you might raise an eyebrow at something weird, or you're confused. Mostly just an IM expression, simulating "wtf?"
While chatting on an IM convo or in a chatroom-
j3lloqu33n: 0.o ummmm ooookay
by Dhw October 15, 2005
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One of the gayest ways to say O_o
Person 1: Butterflies can talk, and my dog just winked at me
Person 2: what the fuck have you been smoking 0-O
by screw YOU REEEEE August 2, 2019
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A more crazy version of the <(0.0)> <(o.o)>
with crazy eyes
by erikkkkkk September 26, 2006
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Decaying in size or motioning to move away from in a decresent matter.
Billy:She has a phat ass!
Ron:OMG, its huge!
Billy:I like them big ;)
Ron:() 0 o .
by Ron Smiles September 18, 2003
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when a loner uses mudd or clay or playdoe to form a penis and fill it with ice tea to drink out of and the stuff that cums out is called the muddy ooooo
demi was drinking alot of muddy ooooo last night
by demi February 16, 2004
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Can mean that the writer is confused, raising an eyebrow, and/or shocked but not about to say it. See o.O
"I'm a monkey! Roar I say, ROAR!!"
by Mr. Nozzers April 16, 2005
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We don't really know, but if you use it, you're a "cool" internet user, like me.
"nubz0r 1: leik omg wuttup
nubz0r 2: nmu
nubz0r 1: be neither lawl
nubz0r 2: o.0"
by Lord Gargadan IV July 30, 2004
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