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"dad, this girl texted me hey, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
Dad- "How many y's?

me- "three, she said heyyy."
Dad- it means she WANTS THE DICK.
by GUILTY OSTRICH May 29, 2013
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When one sends this it is to convey a variant form of social greeting. It is directly derived from the word hey meaning hello or hi, but in this instance the extra "y" or "y's" are used to symbolize amount of affection. The more "y's" the more affectionate.
Girl: heyyy, I think you're pretty cute
Guy: Oh yeah, I think you're pretty cute too, are you down to Netflix and chill?
by OmegaWolfKasar July 04, 2017
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A word that a female will text to you implying that she wants to have intercourse aka "She wants the DDD"
Mike:Me and Elizabeth were texting and she started with a "heyyy"

John: Yo that means that she wants the DDDDDD
by Jackson Pollok the 17th June 07, 2016
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hello, or hey...but much cooler

the extra y's tend to make people feel better.
Jay: heyyy bro haven't talked to you in forever!

Bob: fuck you Jay
by jayson bobson November 17, 2010
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A greeting term used mostly used by teenage white females to address a male they are attracted to via BBM (Blackberry Messenger)
by Adna January 30, 2015
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THIS DOESNT MEAN THAT THE FEMALE SENDING IT WANTS THE DICK!! I promise! it just means girls are excited to chat(example 2)! Or that they like you! (example 1)
Eva: heyyy ;)
Isaac: oh hey
example 2
Lilie: Heyyyy wtm today?
Eva: haven’t decided yet :/
by bisexualbitchh July 04, 2018
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