A particularly attractive woman with at least one child; a more polite alternative to "mom I'd like to f___".
Many of today's TV and movie actresses are what I'd call "hot mamas".
by Marc412 March 4, 2005
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You're one hot mama, let's turn this room into a sauna!
by Dan June 24, 2004
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The sexy look and body type that says "im a mom" or "ive been a mom". A lady who has the extra baby fat but it moved to all the right places. The ample breasts, the hips that won't stop. She may be shy, call it cottage cheese thighs and an extra jiggle in her stomache but we call it sexy.

Every day they pass you on the street. every guys eyes go straight to them as they strut. sadly alot have a rings, but there are alot of single ones too.
" Haw (gasp) hum (gasp)" is all the guy could get out as the hot mama strut by him. His heart and mind was instantly melted in a flash.
by Theamazinggeek May 24, 2018
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