4 definitions by Marc412

1. A large amount of cash.
2. An amount of cash a person keeps on hand for emergencies.
3. (both M's capitalized) A popular CNBC TV show in which financial analyst Jim Cramer offers stock tips.
1. I sold some of my old toys on eBay and made mad money off them.
2. When you go out on a date, you should bring some "mad money" with you so that if your date leaves you at the restaurant or movie, you can take a cab home.
3. "Mad Money" is by far the most entertaining financial-advice show on TV.
by Marc412 March 06, 2006
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(pro-SPEAR-uh-see) A secret plan by a group of people to do something good for another person or group of people. The opposite of a conspiracy.
John's friends formed a prospiracy to throw a surprise party for him.
by Marc412 February 04, 2016
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A particularly attractive woman with at least one child; a more polite alternative to "mom I'd like to f___".
Many of today's TV and movie actresses are what I'd call "hot mamas".
by Marc412 March 03, 2005
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Creepy, scary, and/or weird.
"They're creepy and they're kooky,
mysterious and spooky.
They're altogether ooky--
the Addams Family."
by Marc412 June 09, 2007
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