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1. A song by Sammy Davis Jr.

2. A term for a perfect Craps game gone sour

3. A Concept for which a person wishes and acheieves the perfect life. you have money, power and so many ways to show it off. With A block long limo with its driver, a penthouse with spending money laying about, and good looking people surrouding you. and then suddenly Its taken from you in an instant. like as if a single dice roll destroyed your life and your dreams.
Eee-o Eleven Strikes again ha ha with its patent pending tragic irony.
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by Theamazinggeek February 21, 2019

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something used to put a female in heat
now that is a teaser
by Theamazinggeek March 08, 2015

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A term in reference to the song "georgy girl" by the seekers with a similar meaning of a very homely looking.

A georgy girl is homely humble looking girl who by choice keeps this look. Again possibly for comfort or maybe out of routine. Not due to monetary issues, or body size issues.

She will gripe and complain about the way she looks, maybe cry at night. When she shops she skips the boutiques and trending clothing stores. She skips over the trendy looks and seeks looks, make-up, and clothing the exact same as she already owns. (And buys it by the truckload).

She never explores new ideas and bickers with anyone who criticizes her. She dreams of dressing like Hollywood stars, and runway models but due to her lack of confidence doesn't believe she can be that look. She fears rejection and humiliation so much it stunts her emotional growth.

In a sense her attire reflects her confidence.
I georgy girl karen would dress up once in a while and finally be the girl she wants to be
by Theamazinggeek October 19, 2018

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A term for when you act stupid, flustered, go blank, or most when your IQ dips into single digits due to infatuation.

A good example of this phenomenon is when you meet a good looking girl and all you can say is " hum erm guh duh"
" hum erm guh duh" was all that love flustered greg could get out when he met melody
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by Theamazinggeek April 09, 2019

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A term for when a couple that cuddles, nuzzles, necking, and maybe goes beyond that in a public place. Meanwhile the couple is completely oblivious to there surrounding or how there making people uncomfortable. This is due to cupcaking.
Take a look a the two turtledoving like that. They had gotta be aware everyones watching right ?
by Theamazinggeek March 23, 2018

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an innocent Niave person who is used as a shield or sacrifice
Quick throw Carl to the cougars.

What why ?
he makes a perfect Sacrificial lamb
by Theamazinggeek March 08, 2015

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Not to be confused with the word girlfriend.

A term/word for a guy's female best friend. Shes for the most part is a platonic friend, and will odds are not get romantically involved with the guy.

A galfriend is someone seen as a sister, or a good friend, an ex who he wont get back with. Its that girl, the guy says there too much alike or too close to ever get married.
Tim: Mimi not my girlfriend. Mimi's a girl, and shes a friend but she's not my girlfriend.
Ashley: so she a galfriend....
by Theamazinggeek March 01, 2019

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