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Trace is very unique. He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. You will have ups and downs with trace, but in the end all is good. Trace is funny and very cute. He can make you laugh any time of the day. If you know a trace you will easily fall in love with him. He is not afraid to be himself around people.
Trace is really fun to hang out with
by I.M.S December 28, 2012
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One of the sweetest and nicest people you can know. He cares about his body and is in great shape. He is selfless and works hard to make other peoples lives better....he is also the best friend or boyfriend anyone could ask for!!!
Trace talking to his friend while they are freaking out
Trace giving great "relationship" advice
Trace doing things for charities such as doing relay for life
by princessgaga July 10, 2010
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Trace is a metroid prime character who has a sniper rifle and can turn invisible during certain times.
only to be played as by experienced players.
Player 1: man trace just sniped me in the head.

Player 2: yep got you good.

player 2: man i wish i was skilled.
by spenc-diamonds October 11, 2006
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decribes the act of following in someone's particular way of life, like using tracing paper to make a duplicate of an original.
"man, don't trace those kids, be yourself."
by StealsyourstereO November 12, 2006
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A well-balanced metriod prime hunters character balancing speed and effectivness, although he cannot do well in short range combat, in long range he can snipe the victims head, with the help of his affinity weapon the imperilist. His long range capability is regarded as "amazing" although the players who do critisize are often n00bs. His alternate form can transform him into a creature and when an enemy crosses his path he can strike them down in an instant, sometimes skilled Trace users will be able to se his stealth ability to win, although it is very hard to pull off. n00bs also critisize this because they dont get it that they have a jump capability.
player 1: Holy crap that guys is cheap!

player 2: Err that Trace character is hard to use if you are not skilled.

player 1: HAHAHA alright then ill try him.

*after 10 mins*

player 1: damn your right, im gonna stick with sylux and his cheap cannon.
by David-Jc November 15, 2006
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To describe something in a good fashion, or one who is collected and composed

Pronounciation: 'Trase
Function: Adjective
Origin of Definiton: Patrick Mahoney & Thomas Chamberlain of Groton, Massachusetts. June 2 ,2005
Also See: Crazy, cool, sick, dope.
"yo man that shit is trace"

"yeah that guy is trace"
by Tom&Pat!!!! June 02, 2005
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Amazingly sweet guy who is your friend until the end. He will start out as your friend and you will slowly fall in love with him. One minute he'll be your best friend and the next minute he'll be the best boyfriend ever. He's very intelligent, even though he won't believe it, and incredibly hot in a leather jacket. He is most likely a very attractive guy and he will be very adorable any chance he gets. Trace is a great boyfriend and best friend. You should be very lucky to even have one conversation with him
OMG, have you seen that guy in his leather jacket? He's such a Trace!
by KenleyBug2004 February 13, 2018
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