Technically a date can be defined as a previously planned occasion to meet to engage in a mutually agreed-upon activity, where a drink or two shall be had, and lots of laughs at a hockey game with two really awesome people.
Jennifer and kelly are going on a date, where they plan on having a great time
by Identity88 November 28, 2011
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When two people love each other very very much but aren't officially dating because of other responsibilities or a fear of commitment or some other lame excuse.
Those two are perfect for each other!
Yeah haven't you heard? They're dating-not-dating.
by asdfghjklmn@shony August 4, 2021
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A phrase men/women say after asking someone on a date and that person agrees to go out with then.

It’s mainly used after the person who asked tells them what they’re doing.
Jim: Pam! Umm are you free for dinner tonight?

Pam: Yes!

Jim: Alright, then it’s a date!
by Deathcabforeli November 19, 2018
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Dating is where two people who are attracted to each other spend time together to see if they also can stand to be around each other most of the time, if this is successful they develop a relationship, although sometimes a relationship develops anyways if the people can't find anybody else to date them, or are very lonely or one person is only attracted to the other and pretends to be in love with the second unfortunate person who has the misunderstanding that they have found love. This occurs quite often and eventully leads to something called cheating.
" A guy i met at the mall asked me out, he seemed to really like my personality!, i hope it goes well, and we start dating."
by Cowfetus June 24, 2009
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the process by which you decide whether you hate the other person or not
I was dating Brian, but I actually decided that I hated we stopped dating.
by dating September 30, 2014
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When two people go and do date-like activities and one or both have romantic intentions on the other, but neither is willing to man-up and call it a date. Also known as "hanging out."
God, he asked me on another not date. When is he going to suck it up and admit that he likes me?
by Sargogoledum November 22, 2009
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Normally a meeting for two people to get together and see what the other person is like. In Middle School and below, the term is used as an excuse to kiss people. Commonly mistaken with young puppy love
Daughter: Dad, Brian and I are dating.
Dad: Honey, you're five.
by TheShadow3002 July 16, 2015
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