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when something bad happened to another person, it sucks to be that person
You daddy is in jail for getting you pregnant. sucks to be you.
by byrd June 14, 2004

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Phrase used to describe when the temperature is hot. Usually it is hot enough that your balls will sag and potentially stick to your leg.
Turn on the AC, it's hot as balls in here
by ByRd November 06, 2007

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a frenchman or a soldier in the french army
the surrender monkey took off his berret, finished his stroodle, and put down his weapon when he was threatened
by ByRd June 05, 2004

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To look at a person's facebook profile in detail to learn more about them and what they are doing. Reading their wall posts and looking at the recent activity.
Do you have to facebook stalk me while I'm right here? It's a little creepy
by ByRd December 11, 2007

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To extend your arm so that your hand is below the back of a person's head and thrust your hand upwards so that your palm hits them square in the back of the head.

This is typically done when someone does something stupid or just to humiliate/annoy them.
When Rose started to take diet pills, her mother gave her a smack upside the head to knock some sense into her.

As John sat in the passenger seat, the driver acted like her was streching, but really smacked John upside the head and hillarity ensued.
by ByRd May 08, 2007

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A gathering of females that involves drinking and a lack of dudes. The oppisite of a sausage fest
As Tom walked in, he realized that it was a donut fest of drunken sorority sluts and formulated a plan to pull off a reverse gang bang.
by ByRd August 31, 2007

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The act of lifting up a dog's tail, kneeing beind the dog, and licking it's poop chute.
After Trixie poop on the lawn, Ed cleaned her off with a K9 rim job.
by byrd June 14, 2004

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