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An affectionate way to call someone an asshole :P
by BL September 18, 2003

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To describe the weather
It is hot as balls in Chico in the summer.
by BL June 21, 2001

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Characterizes a young, wealthy individual who keeps up with the latest fashion trends, usually styles which include brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo, Nautica, and others.

Feels elevated from the masses or commoners in terms of style, social graces, popularity, and suaveness. Hobbies include lawn games, golf, boating, and being seen.

Typically the offspring of a yuppie. Most likely will develop into a frat boy or sorostitute once they reach college before becoming yuppies themselves.
"Look at that preppie over there. After class, he must be going up to the lake to ride around on his dad's Cobalt boat."
by BL April 20, 2004

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To be the first one to jump in on something.
I went for a slice of Pizza and you were all over it like a monkey on a cupcake!
by BL April 07, 2005

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An insult commonly used by individuals such as TEH LEE in reference to bitches and other cunts that are found to be annoying or in any way douchey.
Hey, fuck ass, shut the hell up...bitch.
by bl December 07, 2004

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When a female is in a bad mood
Man she must be PMS-ing her bitch switch was flipped up
by BL June 21, 2001

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Oversized rats, that wear burbery / striped clothing, mixed with cheap sports gear, think they're hard, travel in packs...

Best way to get rid of them is use their stupidity to ur advantage. Tell them theres a a pair of rockports on their back... they'll continuously spin in circles until they eventually realise there are none
how like man like how f****n how... ya daft c*nt
by BL September 02, 2004

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