awesome, very cool, great, nice

Use to describe someone or something that is great.
Yo brah, those rims on your ride are all world.

That shit is all world.
by poc September 18, 2006
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A figure of speech (commonly used in Israel), meaning that too much people (to many) are involved with the issue.
Q: Have you participated in the party last Saturday?

A: All the world and his sister been there!
by Yaron Dror March 20, 2005
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Is a statement you scream as loud as you can in a public place any time it gets awkward or quiet. Originated from: Fly by Sugar Ray where the music dies down for a moment and the singer screams the quote very loud and awkwardly.
.... So mike did ever ever cure your disease?.. What disease man?... Oh you don't remembered? It went ALL AROUND THE WORLD!
by GabeYooka May 31, 2015
All around the world is a sexual act in which a partner licks the female's eye buggers, then licks her nose buggers, dives in for a ring job, goes up to lick the vagina and then going in for a french kiss. It's an all around the world!
"I cant get enough of this new thing called all around the world! My boyfriend Joe did it to me last night and I wanted it over and over and over again. I would suggest it to any couple to spice up thier sex the extreme! however, I would highly suggest antibiotics if this interests you....ask your health care professional for more information on the risks of all around the world and any precautions you may want to take.
by skinladden February 14, 2012
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Females that are known all around the world. Which is a hyperbole meaning the girl is know by several dudes in different area's. A.K.A another phrase for hoe.
Jadavion:Aye bro I got this new chick named Alisha and she a freek.

Cornelius: Don't mess with her bro, she an all around the world girl.
by jjMVP July 9, 2017
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