You watch him walk in with a bulge in his pants. You rip off his shirt as he unbuttons your blouse and you slowly rub your clothed pussy against his erected boner. You tease him and dry fuck him as you devilishly look him in the eye. He grabs you and slams you against the bed licking his lips and gets on top of you. He unbuttons his boxers revealing his 9" monster cock. You grab onto his shoulders and he makes out with you. His dick strokes your cunt and your tongue explores his whole mouth. Your wet pussy intensifies and you suddenly grow so horny you flip him over suddenly. You hop onto his dick and ride it like a cow girl. You move forwards and backwards up and down and bob up and down while he holds your hips. He then throws you back onto the bed so your back arches against the edge and he penetrates your slippery pussy as he bites your tits. You grab onto his shoulder blades as he fucks you deeper and deeper.

Man that made me horny..
lmfao you know what this means you nasty fuck, but here it is (it was too long to put in one box sooo its down below lol)A man bumped against me after coming down the stairwell. It was late at night, and the place was empty. The trains delayed. He had a frenzied look in his eyes and a smile that won my raging heart. It didn’t take long before he had me pinned against a movie poster, groaning and growling as he wrenched down my pants. One hand squeezed my tit, the other massaged my ass as if he thought I was hiding something in there. My response was to moan for him, begging him to go harder. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pressed my face against the wall. It felt so cold compared to my flushed cheeks, and I moaned again. He was balls deep inside me, the tip of his cock pressuring the very core of my being. And the heat! Every moment, throbbing, so much so that every time I took a shuddering breath, I felt every single inch of this stranger claiming my body. There was no need for protection when it came to utter submission. “I’m going to fuck your brains out,” he said quietly into the back of my neck, pressing his whole body against me, pinning me against the wall. A train roared into the station on the opposite track. He kept going. “Don’t mind that,” he whispered when the train stopped and opened its doors. His words slithered into my head. “Just focus on this. My cock. Your tight little pussy.”
He was so deep inside me, stretching me out in the best possible ways, I was almost afraid he’d get stuck. He buried his nose in my hair and groaned. All the while, my hips kept moving on their own. Swaying, my pussy tightening, massaging every inch as my body begged him to cum inside me. His cock twitched with every shot, filling my insides with heat and liquid madness. My mind threatening to blank out as he shuddered out every single drop he had to offer. When he was done, he stepped back with a sigh. I wanted to beg him to stay, and I whimpered as his cock slid out of me, releasing the mess we’ve made to slide down my thighs. He slapped my ass, then I heard him walk away into the dark station. A train rumbled into the station. I pulled up my pants, my heart refusing to quiet down, and sat down on a bench. There was no one else on the late-night train, and so I slid down my pants and scooped up what the stranger had left behind. I sucked my fingers clean. now thats horny.
by sugar babie August 11, 2020
Being extremely and want some sort of pleasure.

Girls- when your pussy lubricates/wet
Guys- when your dick becomes hard
One day, I was incredibly horny. My pussy was throbbing and soaking through my thong. Fortunately, it was the weekend and my family was gone.
I went to the bathroom and went into the bathtub that just got filled up. I rubbed my clit in quick motions (back and forth, back and forth) and wanted more. I got the adjustable shower head and put it right above my throbbing clit.
The warm water was pounding on me, and God did it feel good. I sat onto the perimeter on the bathtub and let it pour on my clit. I was moaning and groaning and feel like I was gonna explode.
"More," I thought. "I want so much more fucking more."
I dug two fingers into my hole, moaning and jerking my body. I pushed them in slowly, then pushed hard to get it to touch the G-spot. I pulled out slow this time, and pushed in hard. I did this continuously, until I needed to do it harder and faster.
I could feel my pussy pulse around my fingers, and I was just about to orgasm, but I stopped.
I got out of the tub and ran into my room. I looked through my drawers and got my 10 inch vibrator. Then, I quickly walked backed into the bathtub.
In a slow motion, I took the vibrator into my hole. I did not jerk it in out or side to side. I just let it touch my G-spot, and I moaned and groaned and began to orgasm.
Soon, I picked up the pace. I jerked the vibrator in all sorts of positions and I was shaking with pleasure.
With a mighty orgasm, I squirted--far. It was the best orgasm I've ever had.
by TheSquirter March 29, 2012
Britany's friends had just got here for the annual sleepover. every year, one person would get chosen to go into her dark closet. then the person would
choose one person to come inside and have sex with them. then the person who had got chosen would decide if they wanted to become bf and gf. all the names were put into a hat and chosen. she realises that she is super horny. BRITTANY! she looks up to hear her name called.

like if you want a part!
by youarehopelessyhorny January 14, 2019
You were expecting something horny, but it was Me! Dio!
Kono Horny Da!
by RandomGuyThatTalksShit December 16, 2020
Girls- pussy feels like a lake
Boys- dick gets hard forming a tent in the pants.
After I got home from work I decided to go to a bar since I am extremely horny. I putted on my sluttier dress and headed out.

When I got there I ordered a drink and a hot girl came and sat by me.

“Do you want to do it now?” She asked me making me wet.

“Of course”

We went into the girls bathroom and locked the door already making out.

I took her dress off and began sucking her beautiful big tits. She let out loud moans.

I got on my knees and placed one of her legs on my shoulder and started to eat her out.

“fuck me harder” she yelled and I sped up the pace.

My tongue circling her clit making she scream in pleasure and play with my hair and her tits.


“Dont tell. Show” I went back to sucking her.

And she did. She came all over my face.

“Your turn” she said naughtyly.

“She picked me up and placed me on the balcony and started to finger me.

She took my dress off and tossed it somewhere.

She started to pump me harder and I yelled in pleasure.

A huge wave of pleasure struck me and I squirted everywhere.

We were panting and covered in cum.

But we didn’t stop we fucked the whole night until the bar closed.

I still masturbate remembering that
by Horny all the time September 8, 2018
the feeling you’ll get after reading this
when a woman’s pussy turns into an ocean and a mans cock turns into a rock
sarah put on a sexy dress and got horny just looking at herself. she hopped in her car and drove over to the club. she sat down at the bar and..
“hey wanna dance?” a man asked sarah
“sure” sarah said. she looked at his pants and saw a bulge. she took his hand, rubbing her pussy against his cock.

“what’s ur name?” sarah asked
“josh” he replied
“let’s go to the bathroom” she said. they went to the bathroom, locked the door and josh pinned her against the wall and started kissing her.
“she pushed him off and said

“let’s go to my place.”

10 minutes later..
sarah and josh were in the car when suddenly he felt a hand grab his dick and started giving it a handjob until it squirted. when they got to sarah’s apartment, they stripped and started fucking.

eat me” sarah moaned. she spread her legs and josh got in between them and stuck his warm tongue in her wet pussy. sarah moaned and josh started going faster. josh pulled away and stuck his tongue in her mouth so she could taste her own cum.

“it’s ur turn now”, josh said, “get down on ur knees and suck it”
sarah grasped josh’s cock in her hand and shoved it in her mouth. while sarah was practically choking on josh’s 10” cock, he was rubbing and squeezing her tits. she got up from sucking cock, ran to her dresser and pulled out a vibrating cock ring that she was saving just for this. josh slipped it on and turned it on. then he slipped his dick in sarah’s soaking wet pussy as she let out the loudest moan she had ever done.
by hornybitch<3 November 25, 2020