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horny + ornery

The irritable state resulting from not getting any
Man, I'm so hornery that girls don't wanna talk to me, it's a vicious circle.
by gooberbigglesnot October 08, 2004
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The condition one succumbs to when one is sexually frustrated to the point of aggression.
"He's in a bad mood, looks like he needs to get laid."
"Don't mind him, he's just hornery."
by Professor Wormbog January 04, 2006
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adj. A general cantankerousness experienced in times of erotic drought.
I thought it was PMS, but I realized my girl was just hornery.
by Silvio Rabioso August 05, 2009
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Someone who is both cranky and horny.
Well ain't III hornery this morning
by Klunk February 04, 2004
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When you haven't had sex in a while and it's making you irritable. Horny + Ornery = Hornery
A husband can get hornery when his wife is often "too tired" for sex.
by Jill C. June 29, 2006
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So horny that you are crabby. Horny+Ornery
I haven't gotten laid in a week and I'm super hornery
by Jen9823 January 21, 2008
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adj.- when a person is being bratty and sexually frisky
The new waitress keeps slapping my ass. I think she's feeling hornery!


I love it when my girlfriend refuses to wear panties under her skirts. She gets so hornery sometimes.
by Tabbicatt August 28, 2007
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