computer geek slang for programming code or software that is broken, f-ked up, corrupted.
Dude, your code totally HORKED the build today.
by Simone Cox July 11, 2005
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Stolen. Past participle of hork.

Stolen is the Canadian definition of horked. I have never heard the term horked to mean broken.
Bob McKenzie, "No way, eh, they horked our beer!"

Doug McKenzie, "Take off, they... oh jeez, you're right. They did hork our beer!"
by Roy October 8, 2004
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To be out-of-whack; to be destroyed; to be completely unworkable.
Installing those new speakers in my car horked my amp.
by Hawk September 17, 2003
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Ate or drank all of some desireable commodity with no consideration for others.
"Who horked the beer?"
"You horked all the leftover steak!"
by L.P. June 28, 2005
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fouled, screwed, fucked, trashed. After Ren Höek, the neurotic chihuahua from the animated Ren and Stimpy Show.

Said of a hairball outside of a cat.
I can't ping the server, the router is all horked up.

Spot finally horked up that hairball.
by Hal Mounce September 28, 2007
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To spit on someone in game disrespectfully. (Mostly used in fortnite and Elite cord.)
Player 1: That kid is so bad he just got horked on.

Player 2: Fuckin shitter!
by Benciaga on Twitter April 20, 2020
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Consuming food with little to no consideration given to nutritional ramifications, quantity, or palatability.
"Man, John Goodman is horking down those Chili's baby back ribs."
by c1natra September 30, 2009
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