Messed up in some way. Wedged.
After a 2 week uptime, that windows PC was horked.
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
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Computer related professional slang term;
1. when the computer application you are developing or testing is no longer working as expected.
2. when the server is no longer responding (not application related)
"Okay-this application is completely horked; who changed the code???"

(when a server doesn't respond) "I think the server is horked..."
by Breecifer February 21, 2006
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Verb: to take something from someone,usually without physical force, but with a confidence bordering on arrogance.

(to hork, from the French horque)

My big brother horked my Redline and jumped it into a pond.
by alohatroy January 17, 2009
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To spit by first gathering saliva in the mouth with a slight exhale thus producing a sound like 'hork' as this is done.
Goddamn! That son-of-a-bitch horked all over my Cheetos!
by Brian Romanjuk December 20, 2006
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a sexual manuever involving two males and one female. The female situates herself between the two males on her hands and knees. Takes one male in the mouth, the other in either the ass or pussy. At some surprise moment the two males who are facing each other grab hands and pull towards one another, the female involuntarily makes the noise "hoork!" The two males then laugh and high five thus completing the hork.
We gave thatgirl a hork
by Skibbles May 07, 2006
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