I know the cops are gone because the hoppers are back out.
by Jim King September 8, 2005
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toliet; what you sit on when you take a shit
John is sitting on the hopper.

I'm going to go sit on the hopper.
by Koos Koos January 10, 2007
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In an elevator of a high-rise building, a random person come in, in the middle of your elevator ride just to go a few floors up or down costing you valuable time.
Chris: "Late again?"

Jake: "Yeah, damn hoppers make me stop at every floor"
by beladorkid September 12, 2011
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The plastic pod type thing you use to hold paintballs when playing,also called a "loader"
You need to refill your hopper looks a bit low
by Chef Boyar-G July 27, 2006
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Either the shitter that got plugged or Jim Hopper (Stranger Things™℠®©℗Ⓟⓤⓚ)
I plugged the hopper
SPOILER: Hopper didn't die in the last episode of season 4
by DaCuteRaccoon January 19, 2022
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Type of Disney tickets that lets you in to multiple parks.
Hommie: Yo, what's good tomorrow?

Me: Got the kids, we going Disney. Got them park "hoppers" cuz the kids wanna hit up both Disneyland and California Adventure.
by gotkush127 April 30, 2013
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1. Lowest form of human being (some even argue that they are in fact NOT), known for infesting low tide areas and flood plains of rivers, lakes and damns. It is also believed they are largely responsble for still fish, bait, women and most lifeforms from the areas they inhabite. They are normally easily identified by there knee high gumboots, bait pumps and general scoundrel attitudes

2. Other common terms for hoppers include Scoundrels, Mongrels, Lowlifes, Whores, and Downright fucking assholes.
whilst driving one might exclaim ''oiiii fuk off you dowright fuking mongrel hopper''
''wearing gumboots? what are ya a fukin hopper'
by Greg Thorne August 9, 2007
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