May 11 Word of the Day
A euphemism for “kill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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In an elevator of a high-rise building, a random person come in, in the middle of your elevator ride just to go a few floors up or down costing you valuable time.
Chris: "Late again?"

Jake: "Yeah, damn hoppers make me stop at every floor"
by beladorkid September 12, 2011
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A legend of a person who has great knowledge. They are not foolish and have a great sense of humor. They can almost predict the future and that’s why they make certain decisions. Hoppers are amazing and sexy.
Jesus they must be hoppers they are so fine.
Wow they are definitely hoppers, look at them!
by Ciara Roche March 19, 2019
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The plastic pod type thing you use to hold paintballs when playing,also called a "loader"
You need to refill your hopper looks a bit low
by Chef Boyar-G July 27, 2006
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Now, you may think ACAB, But Hopper isn't like the rest. Hopper is a cop who will risk his own life to find a young missing boy named Will. He even risked his life to sneak into a Russian base. He also might put some Eggosin a small wooden box in the woods and then find a girl with really short hair and keep her as is "Dotar" as he calls her. Hopper is the best cop there will ever be.
Dude 1: Man I love hopper! He is such a good cop!
Dude 2: I mean, I can't argue with you!
via giphy
by *Spits out tea* July 06, 2020
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