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I know the cops are gone because the hoppers are back out.
by Jim King September 07, 2005
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In an elevator of a high-rise building, a random person come in, in the middle of your elevator ride just to go a few floors up or down costing you valuable time.
Chris: "Late again?"

Jake: "Yeah, damn hoppers make me stop at every floor"
by beladorkid September 12, 2011
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The plastic pod type thing you use to hold paintballs when playing,also called a "loader"
You need to refill your hopper looks a bit low
by Chef Boyar-G July 27, 2006
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Type of Disney tickets that lets you in to multiple parks.
Hommie: Yo, what's good tomorrow?

Me: Got the kids, we going Disney. Got them park "hoppers" cuz the kids wanna hit up both Disneyland and California Adventure.
by gotkush127 April 29, 2013
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An online homogenous community (usually a forum, but sometimes a mailing list or blog) who all think identically and ferociously lash out at those who threaten those beliefs, not unlike a swarm of locusts.
Man, have the seen the hoppers over on Those motherfuckers just won't shut up!
by Jammaster K September 13, 2006
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A guy who goes from girl to girl & the girls are realated in some way. Usually the girls are sisters or cousins.
Claire:"Steve hooked up with Kaia and Rachel last night. Its gross cause their cousins."
Jackie:"He's such a hopper."
by moonlightt13 August 14, 2010
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