sticking your finger in your opponents anus.
He was caught on live TV doing this, and was suspended from plsying Rugby League,
by hbg08 September 12, 2008
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to stick ones finger up another rugby league players ass on international television

- Manly Sea eagles player ,John Hopoate did so while playing for the new zealand warriors.

thus the hopoate
did you see that, he almost hopoate'd im
by matty April 5, 2004
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Also known as a 'Hopo'

To forcibly insert your finger in somebody's anus. (As originally performed by Rugby League player John Hopoate).
that poof was trying to give him a hopo!
by Mr Jones April 26, 2005
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A person who does something that Australian Rugby League player John Hopoate would do. Member of the Wests Tigers team at the time, Hopoate was suspended for 12 weeks for poking his finger up the anus of opposing team members.

A person who does something ridiculously stupid, shocking, or disgusting and acts like there was nothing wrong with it. More recently, John Hopoate deliberately clotheslined another player at high speed and knocked the player out cold, then denied he did anything wrong.
Don't be such a Hopoate!

My boyfriend was such a Hopoate, I had to stab him in the chest to make him stop.

Keep your dirty brown Hopoate fingers where I can see 'em!
by Bloopy April 10, 2005
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Someone who has been named a hero, after accidently doing things and being blamed. Recently Footballer John Hopoate was blamed for illegally knocking a man out, but it turned out he did not intentionally do it, but was suspended anyway.
He was a hopoate after receiving a detention for something he didn't do.
by John Jackson Clake August 14, 2005
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When a man receives an unsolicited anal probing from another man's thumb on the sporting field. Named after John Hopoate, an Australian NRL player.
Damn, we would have won if our captain hadn't been sent off for giving their defence a Hopoate Hitchhiker.
by toosoon July 12, 2009
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