This is where you may shove ur finger up another persons ass, if ur into that sort of thing.
Matthew: Do you mind if we engage in some anal probing?
Sara: Sure one sec ill bendover.
by christopher thomas July 24, 2006
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a Name for a Part of a Alien Abduction whne they stick a Probe into The Abductie's Anal Regions
Cartman Gets a Anal Probe
by Clint H. Hoyt February 05, 2007
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A gadget used to dive deep into some ones anal cavity and give them some sort a sexual pleasure.
"Oooooooooo that anal probe is soooooooo GOOOOOOOOODDDD "(moans)
by Dannyboi June 19, 2006
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1. The device used by aliens to analyze the human race through their most vulnerable hole, the anus.

2. A red Ford Probe
1. I swear!! The aliens, they abducted me! And then they ANAL PROBED me!!

2. Guy 1: Even though I have no money, the good ol' Probe gets me where I gotta be.

Guy 2: Haha.. Anal Probe..
by El Holandés Rojo October 25, 2010
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To insert a stick or other long pointed object (cricket stump) into the anus of a clothed bystander. Occured frequantly during summer months of '04. Similar to bugger and bumfuck but with an inanimate object.
Also a noun. the object that was used to probe the anus.
Im gonna anal probe you good.
by cockhockey04 March 31, 2005
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An anal probe is where one person, male or female, decides to poke or prod a fellow person, again male or female's, anus.
Clothed or naked, it doesn't matter.
Paigan: hey Kaye and Monica what's anal probing?
Kaye: Look Anal Probe up on
Monica: Yeah, urbandictionary's the best!
by Kaye and Monibob November 13, 2009
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taking the wench doggy stlye, pop ur little finger up her shit pipe and feel her muff tighten round ur cock n listen to her squeal like a dying pig!
by tadster June 12, 2005
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