Basically touch rugby with tackles. This is an amazing sport to watch if you are struggling to fall asleep, 5 minutes of this repetitive crap will even put an insomniac to sleep. For a more entertaining experience check out Rugby Union, where there is actually an interesting battle with strategy and variation. Rather than 5 tackles and kick for 80 minutes. zzzzzzz
The cure to insomnia.

Man: Doctor, I'm having trouble sleeping at night.
Doctor: Here, watch this 5 minute youtube video of Rugby League.
Man: ohh, I'm only 7 seconds in and I'm already feeling sleepy.
by CureForInsomnia July 12, 2018
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A game that is enjoyed by men who love men. There are many opportunities to shove your head into your teammates anus, many players just like to sniff each others privates. 'Reach arounds' are also permitted in the rules and actively encouraged at the formation of each scrum. This game is no fun for spectators and very few actually attend games.

Players are encouraged to fall over every couple of meters and make a rutting action, other players are then encouraged to hug them, this goes on and on ad infenitum until a player falls over beyond a white line. This is an excuse for more hugging then all of the fellows retire to the dressing sheds to share a beer and a single bar of soap.
John Hopoate ,expert rugby league exponent
Ian Roberts, typical rugby league exponent
by Tonk66 July 31, 2011
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A professional offshoot of the sport of Rugby Union long before Union went professional itself. Originally intended for the working class of Northern England who couldn't afford the Saturday off working in the mines, it somehow also took a root in Sydney Australia. Thanks to using some American style professional practices such as endlessly promoting the sport to adolescent mindset's and prostituting their clubrooms as gambling venues it's now the major code in the Australian State of New South Wales and the working class bogans of this state have spread the game with their migration to their northern neighbour in Queensland. Sadly the extent to the promotion of this sport has rendered many of its followers ignorant of not only the wider world, where Rugby still remains a fringe sport in its home nation England and amongst the absolute (and Australian imitating) refuse of New Zealand but they're completely isolated from the existing communities of Association Football, Australian Rules football and Rugby Union within their own states.

They really think that this now redundant game which the rest of mankind not immersed in finds; boring, low skilled, gauche, with stupid rules, for gutter trash, played by apes and like a strange version of Rugby more akin to professional wrestling is somehow important in the wider scheme of things. They really don't realize just what they're missing out on.
Typical New Zealander: Oh well, we can paint the house now, Sky sport's filling in with Rugby League for the rest of the day.
by RugbyLeaguecansmellmyarsehole October 23, 2009
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A Fast paced and violent sport, were big strong men tackle aggressivly to gain the ball. More violent than the actors in wrestling, the game contains bigger and stronger men, such as Andy Farrel (Wigan Warriors) Who sustained injuries agains a team who dug his face into the ground and caused a broken nose, after which Andy was told to stop playing but carried on and won the match with a blood-covered face.
Man 1. Did you watch Rugby League the other day?
Man 2. Yeah, Andy Farrell broke his nose and carried on playing.
Man 1. What a guy.
by ThE_WiLkStA July 10, 2004
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The enjoyable version of Rugby, much more exciting and faster than Rugby Union, which is basically a kick-and-rush sport.
Unfortunately in Halifax, we have a Rugby League team who get all the press and money over the local football team and are supported by Bell Ends who diminish the enjoyment of the game for everyone else.
"If you hate the fuckin' Blue Sox, clap yer hands!" - Halifax Town fans/any League fan with sense
by zutroy January 4, 2005
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Rugby League: The true religion
Satan: Curse those Rugby league men. They are just too tough. With St Andy Farrel commanding gods chosen people, how can i have dominion over the world???? These weak union Folk are no good to me. AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGG

God: Ah Satan. Will you never learn? Union folk are weak and that is why you have command over those lesser people.
by Jeramia October 11, 2005
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Rugby League is sport where gay sex is acceptable, in fact it is stand even watching this you must possess an IQ just nudging 20 and a brother who is your mother...
Rugby League is a crap game...don't bother trying to watch it...
by pieguy1 May 18, 2007
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