1. when u see a friend and give them something u have or have access to and they don't thereby causing them to get excited and say, "HOOKS!"

2. part of a statement to imply to someone that u would like them to give u some of what they got.
1. Statmore girl 1: "Hey, here's the last beer."
Statmore girl 2: "Hooks!"

2. "Hooks with the blunt!"
by CMurder July 08, 2006
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(v) The act of hooking, such as a hooker does. That is, fornicating for monetary compensation.
She doesn't have a real job; she hooks for money.
by plasticus March 07, 2004
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An abbreviation for hooking up. Most commonly used at parties and clubs.
Get any hooks at the party?
by skankofscholastica August 16, 2016
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Prison Slang for a seven year term.
Yeah, they hit Tiny with a double saw (buck) = 20 years but I got away with just a hook (7 years) and the biatch got a deuce for dropping the dime on us.

Which is why ten years is called a "Saw" (buck) and not a dime.

Dime relates to ratting as in "Dropping the Dime".
by BehindtheWall January 08, 2013
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a short, midget like being, with the heart of a warrior and a like of Texas (his only shortcoming).
Watch out for that hooks! He is spewing his pro-texan crap again!
by MonkeysAteMyLaundry April 29, 2008
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