When describing something that has become less unique and forced to conform to a more predictable set of standards and/or ideas.
"I think the musical immediacy of everything and how the whole globe has been so homogenized, it’s tough for bands out there. I try not to be too critical of what I hear on the radio, because I’ve stood in those shoes before. I know what a nightmare it is when you got stockholders bitching."
by Nick February 14, 2005
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Mario games getting milked to a creamy steamy pulp
Person: The "New" Mario games are being homogenized
by makos February 18, 2019
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the appearence of being gay in every photo a person is in, no matter the expression or pose
"Dude in all these photos you look really gay, you're really homogenic"
by The Dirty Definer December 01, 2008
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To mix something,even dough,until it becomes well uniform.
To make dough,we need to add flour ,with water mixed with a little spoon of sugar,a pinch of salt,three spoons of olive oil on the mixer,and we homogenize it until it becomes perfectly uniform.
by Toa Pohatu April 19, 2017
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To jizzz on other bodily parts several times until you can no longer ejaculate.
Trevor williams homogenated all over max parises face.
by Taylox January 25, 2014
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like milk , but gay.
person 1: wtf, is that a pink heart on your shirt?
person 2: nah, chill. it's purple. or maroon. or lavender. or maybe indigo, or violet ^_^
person 1: wtf? even worse. you're homogenized
by snootch87 March 07, 2005
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