An alien played by Robin Williams, the great actor who sadly took his own life. The character "Mork" was one of the most iconic and lovable TV characters in the 80s. Dude was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved that show "Mork and Mindy". I wonder whatever happened to the actress who played Mindy?
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 11, 2017
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n. someone who is completely witless. a low level nincompoop who rarely sees things in perspective. Shallower than the dead sea and perchance saltier too...
wrong lane mork, you just bowled allen a gutterball...
by Alex Johansen May 31, 2007
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A creature that likes too sleep on hay, and has features reminescent of a Rebick. They are a very sneaky, rapscallious race. To this day only 3 are known, yet it is believed that over a million may infact populate this earth. Leading Morkologists believe the epicenter of this spread of Morks is from somewhere in western Norway. The is also some sort of unknown link with Cornwall & Eminiem.
The other day we discovered another Mork: Tom Lodge!
by Spork m'Gee April 6, 2011
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A character played by Robin Williams in the T.V. show "Mork and Mindy".
You want an example of this? Watch some old reruns or something you tard.
by Lincoln June 27, 2003
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One of the two Warhammer Orc gods. Constantly warring with sibling, Gork.
The known warhammer gods are: Gork, an Orcish warrior god; Mork, another Orc deity; Nurgle, lord of decay; Slaanesh, seductive prince of Chaos; Khorne, The Bloodletter; and Tzeentch, god of chaotic change.
by Warhammer Nerd March 27, 2004
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Similar to the "shocker," the "Mork" involves inserting the first two fingers (index and ring fingers)into a female's vaginal opening while the third and fourth fingers (ring and pinky fingers) are inserted into the female's anal opening, all the while repeating the words, "nanu, nanu..." in a "Mork-like" voice.
"Hello dearest, I have a "Mork" for you. Nanu, nanu!!!
n. - morker, morkee
vt. - morks, morking, morked
by Tentius August 22, 2003
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Mork is certainly the most beautiful person Walking on Earth. Their first name is as rare as they are themselves. Mork is talented, funny, sometimes stubborn and very cute. I had the chance to meet one of them and he embellished my whole life. His sparkling eyes, his caring smile, and his adorable laughter... There is no more beautiful melody than the echo of his laughter. Please, never break his heart.
Wowww Mork's talent is incredible, you should listen to his song
by arthurlovespaul February 24, 2020
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