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noun: A term of endearment used to describe a person who satisfies any of the following descriptions (1) bringing the realness (2) being good at frisbee (3) being a good friend (4) being awesome at tie dye (5) just being awesome (6) owning a Bum.

(Definition used extensively throughout North and South Carolina, particularly in the ultimate community)
Happy birthday hobag! I tie dyed a Bum for you!
by aHo31 June 29, 2010
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A really skanky person who likes to have sex with random people or inanimate objects.
Man, that Josephine is such a ho bag. She sure gets around
by The awesome one April 14, 2004
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the bag a girl packs when she doesn't know where she'll end up for the night. commonly includes a change of clothes, sleepwear (optional), facewash, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hair tie. meant to make the next day's walk of shame less ugly/embarrassing.
girl, there's nothing like waking up covered in glitter with raccoon eyes and my hair matted to the side of my head to remind me i should've packed a ho bag last night.
by enamy June 27, 2011
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1. One who dresses like a tramp or slut

2. A woman who's ass you must disinfect before you engage in sexual intercourse

3. A woman who sleeps with multiple men
Oh my god! I cant belive you fucked that Ho Bag! I hope you used lysol on that booty before you tapped that!
by bigwin September 29, 2005
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when he has to go on his trip and you ask him oh can you bring the trash to the curb before you leave thanks baby muah. but he is in such a rush to catch the plane and he’s grabbing his coat briefcase and coffee he mistakenly loads the trash in the trunk. he gets to the resort paid for by his work, that man being so appreciated by the company, and the guy with the cute cap says β€œcan I get your bags sir” and your man tweep tweeps the sick rental to the guys surprise. luckily he brought the cart and shrugging he goes ahead and loads the ho bags dropping them by the pool bar as your man checks in.
Guy1 at pool bar: god I hate the smell of stale beer and styrofoam the day after the banana cabana limbo
Guy2: ha ha that’s just the ho bags from the guy who just checked in
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by williet hughnot January 09, 2020
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