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1. A democracy that is not a real democracy, but the illusion of one.
2. A political system with some aspects of democracy, but not a full-fledged one.

Examples of this are: totalitarian dictatorships that hold show trials and rigged elections, or countries like the United States that have aspects like the Electoral College as safeguards against a true democracy.
Many people feel America is a fauxmocracy because the electoral college has too much power.
Those elections have been rigged for the last 5 years. Talk about a fauxmocracy!
The people themselves can't vote on laws, thats such a fauxmocracy.
by Christina S December 24, 2007
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Literally, drama. An expression used to generally in the same way people say "Oh, the drama!" Often mildly sarcastic.
Kelly just found out her best friend was sleeping with her boyfriend, oh the dramz!

Britney Spears just shaved her head, such dramz with celebrities these days!

Girl1: I'm so miserable and alone without a boyfriend!
Girl2: Oooh, look at all the dramz. Just get over it!
by Christina S October 13, 2007
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Also, "f-ing the horse."

1. An expression used to define something detrimental to someone's career or livelihood.

2. Any action that has a harmful effect on oneself or others around them.

Taken from Daniel Radcliff's decision to star in London's revival of Equus, a play about a teenager with a sexual attraction to horses, causing parents to refuse to see any more of the Harry Potter movies in protest.
Howard Dean totally fucked the horse when he screamed during campaign season.

Tim was f-ing the horse when he decided not to go to class at all senior year.

Stacy's decision to pose for Playboy while on American Idol was really fucking the horse; it ruined her chances of staying on the show.
by Christina S October 13, 2007
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noun. plural, hippocampi

In anatomy, the hippocampus is an elongated ridge of the brain, found in each lateral ventricle (and shaped a bit like a seahorse or whale). Its function is believed to be the center of emotion, memory, and the involuntary actions of the nervous system.
People with Alzheimer's disease are shown to have damage to their hippocampus, which leads to memory loss and disorientation.

Humans have two hippocampi, one of each side of the brain.
by Christina S January 04, 2012
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Literally, a "bag of ho." A hobag is a person (usually female) who is slutty, all over everyone she meets, or just plain annoying.

Another form of this word is the less-commonly used "whorebag."
Guy: Man, Melissa is all over that guy! She never even met him before!
Guy2: Yeah, dude. She is such a hobag!
Girl: Jane is such a catty person, the hobag.
by Christina S April 29, 2006
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Kevin: This large fries is gimangerous!
I have a gimangerous headache today!
They're gimangerous singering is wonderful!
by Christina S November 17, 2007
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Catholics (or any form of Christianity, basically) who only goes to Church on days when they give out free stuff; namely Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday.
Bob: Do you ever go to Church?
Steve: Only on Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday, when they give out free stuff.
Bob: Dude, you are such an A and P Catholic!
by Christina S April 17, 2006
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