A large sack filled to the brim with ho.
That skank is a total ho-bag.

You might want to tie that off, you've got some ho leaking out of your ho-bag.
by Anonymous October 23, 2002
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1. an irritating, nettlesome, pesky bastard.
2. a dirty, untidy, woman adulteress.
3. a prostitute or a woman of the street -- (a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money)
4. a biatch (derivative of bitch, used to exemplify person A's disbelief, anger, or frustration with person B.)
5. anyone within speaking distance of you on a bad day.
6. anyone who is currently enrolled in the westfield high school band. (back that shit up).
shell "hey hobag"
jo "hey hoshit"
*hummer rolls by*
both "huuuuuu-mmmmer"
*gun shots in backround*
both "ohhhh shiiiit"
by stealthyho January 13, 2004
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Commonly known as a slut-machine but just as easilly a bag filled with hoes.
someone left a ho bag on my front porch. what am I supposed to do with these hoes?
by Tdowns August 16, 2007
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A person (usually a girl) who sleeps around like it's her job.
JHo was such a ho bag. She was banging ten guys even with her sandy vagina.
by FuckTardedYourMom December 05, 2005
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an older woman, usually between the ages of 40-45, who thinks, acts, and dresses like she is 15-20 years old. they are mostly your stupidest friends mom, you know the family where everyone is fucked up. they sometimes tend to hit on guys between the ages of 15-25, which is absolutely nasty.
oh my god! damn codys mom is such a ho-bag! she just was flirting with me!
by acdcrules January 01, 2006
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The term used to describe a carrier of MANY sexual diseases, often dipicted in the form of Prostitutes, or sluts in everyone's class/office/place of business.
" Man, that bitch was such a fuckin' ho-bag, I think I got crabs."
by Carlo November 26, 2003
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when he has to go on his trip and you ask him oh can you bring the trash to the curb before you leave thanks baby muah. but he is in such a rush to catch the plane and he’s grabbing his coat briefcase and coffee he mistakenly loads the trash in the trunk. he gets to the resort paid for by his work, that man being so appreciated by the company, and the guy with the cute cap says “can I get your bags sir” and your man tweep tweeps the sick rental to the guys surprise. luckily he brought the cart and shrugging he goes ahead and loads the ho bags dropping them by the pool bar as your man checks in.
Guy1 at pool bar: god I hate the smell of stale beer and styrofoam the day after the banana cabana limbo
Guy2: ha ha that’s just the ho bags from the guy who just checked in
via giphy
by williet hughnot January 09, 2020
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