1) If one is being catty, they are being subtly or indirectly insulting. Different from bitchy in that bitchiness is just mean, while cattiness is often clever and witty, and isn't ALWAYS completely mean (for example, a catty joke). Both males and females can be and are catty.

2) Resembling a cat, feline.
Emily: Do you like this dress? I just bought it!

Bob: It's...interesting. Where did you buy it? I didn't know there were any thrift stores around here.

Emily: Wow, that was catty, Bob!
by UrbanVocabGuru June 18, 2011
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adj--being nasty about or to someone else, usually on petty grounds
The men in my office are way more catty than the women; they're always cutting down some other guy's taste in records or books.
by bodhibound November 3, 2007
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describes females who feel threatened by another female's superior intellect or beauty, causing them to act mean and spiteful towards other women
Jessica couldn't figure out why Elizabeth was so passive- aggressive towards her until she looked up "catty" in the urban dictionary.
by Betty Davis March 13, 2006
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Usually used to refer to those of the female gender, describing the typical "high-maintenance" girl. Synonym for (or may be used in conjunction with): petty, bitchy, conceited, malicious.
Alyssa, the particularly catty girl down the hall, loved to spread rumors to instigate fights amongst the other girls.
by raevyn January 18, 2004
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Chinese unit of weight measurement. One catty is equaled to half of a kilogram.
1. The great sword weighed 40 catty(20Kg), and was nearly impossible wield by normal people.

2. Damn, that girl looks like she weighs at least 200 catty!
by iceman27406 October 16, 2015
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Generally females acting in a childish and somewhat aggressive matter; gossip whores;
catty like "Im going to scratch your eyes out and piss on everything."
by lisey November 11, 2005
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A way in which a human female may act where she treats men with respect, and she treats women with disrespect. Especially in order to boost her own attractiveness to the males, and lessen the other females attractiveness to the males.
She was complimentary, upbeat and friendly towards each man at the party. While she was disparaging, snotty, and mean to each woman at the party. She was acting catty.
by rbones November 18, 2010
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