Short for Hand Job. Only used by the extremly lazy or extrodinarily cool.
Dude, Sally hooked it up with a primo HJ last night.
by mhsimp February 03, 2007
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A handjob. It feels good, almost as good as a stranger. It happens when your gf is not ready to give you a bj.
She gives the best free hj's.
She went from giving me an hj to a bj and it felt really good.
I wanted to fuck her boobs really hard, but then she said no, only hj's tonight.
by Charlie March 24, 2005
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Short term for Hungry Jacks (The Australian version of Burger King)
Billy: Ahh man I'm hungry for a burger, wanna go get some HJ's?

Tommo: Hell yeah
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
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A good ol Handy Jesus. Yup that's it. It just means that Jesus is very handy at doing his job.
Oh man that HJ was so great in church. You know Giving me a HJ Is really nice and thoughtful of you.
by TottalynotJin October 06, 2017
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well, youve heard of the h.a.'s. H.J. refers to heroin junkie.
Check that piece of work out, she definately rolls with the H.J.'s.
by K-Rocc October 24, 2009
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