Short for Hand Job. Only used by the extremly lazy or extrodinarily cool.
Dude, Sally hooked it up with a primo HJ last night.
by mhsimp February 4, 2007
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Short term for Hungry Jacks (The Australian version of Burger King)
Billy: Ahh man I'm hungry for a burger, wanna go get some HJ's?

Tommo: Hell yeah
by Jimmy Man March 31, 2011
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Bad Use: Hitler Jugend
means Hitler Youth in German

The German Youth was prepared and trained in the HJ. Worked somehow like the boyscouts, but it's only aim was war.

Good Use: Hand Job
My Grandfather was in the HJ.You can't say he is a nazi. He was forced to.

Yesterday she gave me a HJ
by Old Wise Man February 13, 2004
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Hj wig itwvtiw
by Grandiose Sadist January 31, 2020
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A sexual act that exhibits all the characteristics of a classic handjob, but is lacking in the use of lubrication of any sort.
I was hoping to get laid after this year's prom, but a dry HJ in the car was all Kara was willing to put out.
by Bob Wilke July 25, 2016
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When you're giving a hand job but the guy's penis is so small that you cannot wrap all your fingers around the shaft, so you have to put your pinky finger in the air. Like how the British people drink their tea.
"That guy was so small I had to give him a British HJ."
by lindsayLOhan69 April 10, 2013
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When you receive a hand job. Many men say their first sexual encounter was getting a hand job when they were younger. When a man receives one while older and in a mature relationship, he is reminded of a classic memory.
Dude, I got an HJ Classic from Whitney last night!
by BEJ0124 April 15, 2011
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