to incredibly crave for something, as in sex or drugs
by Pshhh July 20, 2005
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n. craving, desiring, wanting, obsessing (over or about).
"Ever since I drove past Kennedy's Fried Chicken, I've been fiending for some fried white meat chicken and mashed potatoes!"
by RAK*Star August 22, 2011
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Feeling very desperate for a drug, like you'll do anything to get it.
Yo Chico man, I am FIENDING for some acid.
by Droopy March 25, 2004
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to really crave something, to do something
i'm fiending for her touch.
by kashmoney October 15, 2005
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1. To do something with extreme intensity and vigor.
2. To want something, badly
3. To compete in something, or otherwise complete a task, with success.
1 - "I'm fiending some studies this weekend, then probably getting fucked up all week"
2- "I'm fiending a slice of pizza right now"
3- "Man you were fiending in ball last night... most preemz"
by youngmoneythekid July 29, 2012
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to want some action... sexually. to be horny as hell.
fuck you're hot, i am completely fiending.
by Karlien June 3, 2005
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A person who wants something really bad, and keeps coming back for more.
Simona is such a fiend she keeps hitting my juul and draining my pod.
by Meliac12 December 24, 2017
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