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To gamble with dice;usually craps
I got $5000 in that dice game on 34th
by Rod November 15, 2003
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When a hand cups your ball sack, then proceeds to jiggle or shake them as like throwing dice in a craps game.

During fellatio this is best advise, can also blow on the sack for good luck.
Man I was getting this sweet dice game form my girl then she threw them down.

When you buddy is pissing you can offer a dice game as a nice gesture.
by jtwo May 02, 2008
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An awsome game played with girl(s), where the girl sticks dice (or other things, but that wouldnt be called the dice game then) down her shirt, and depending on the girl, right into her bra, then the other players of the game try and get them out. Normally played with a few girls and a few guys.

It is essentially an excuse for a guy to feel up a girl, or for the girl to be felt up.
The dice game is awsome, but make sure you don't have cold hands! Girls dont like that...
by Big Sexy/Green Giant July 04, 2005
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