Hinterland is probably German, because it is. It basically means as rural as you can get within range of a city. The phrase can also apply to any area in the stix, or way far out dude.
Jonas: Where does Steve live again? I always see him taking the 116 bus home.

Alistair: He lives way out in the English hinterland, up by Hemingstone. How the fuck did he get here?

Jonas: Probably banged a lot of important people.

Alistair: Yup.
by 14caratfacialexpression July 28, 2014
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Origin: Hinterland is a German word meaning "the land behind" (a city, a port, or similar). The term's use in English was first documented by geographer George Chisholm in his Handbook of Commercial Geography (1888).

1. The often uncharted areas beyond a coastal district or a river's banks.

"early settlers were driven from the coastal areas into the hinterland"

synonyms: backwoods, backwater, wilds, wilderness, bush, back of beyond, back-country; More

informal-sticks, middle of nowhere, boondocks, boonies;


2. An area lying beyond what is visible or known.
1. "Jody always worried that his father would take them back to the hinterland"
2. "in the hinterland of his mind these things rose, dark and ominous"
by LNikkita March 13, 2018
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Hoo is short for Hinterland! It is a strange spot on the Internet that exists but is rarely "stumbled across" and is noticed and explored last; after browsing through the thousands of websites that are visible and well known! It's a third wheel club for other outcasts besides Carol Anne Starr herself.... Blacksheeps come to hoo hinterland to be together and connect with their own kind
"Where is hoo hinterland?"

"Go ask Carol Anne Starr where it is! She can tell you... She's the creator of hoo hinterland!!!"
by Bethany Blues July 05, 2020
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