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Someone out of a trio whom is seemingly the least relevant.
Me and my two friends were hanging out at the mall and I was the third wheel half the time.
by bitstripslang September 21, 2016
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A person who hangs out with two other people. The two other people are closer to each other than the "Third Wheel". People generally feel awkward when the third wheel mentions how much it sucks to be the first wheel (They actually normally get mad).
-Did you invite Hannah?
-No, she's just the third wheel anyways
by IAmTheThirdWheel April 20, 2015
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One who deters the socialization of a couple, perhaps when being invited out of pitty or through a feeling of duty. This person may be eased into the situation by being allowed to stay in an envirnment he or she has become accustomed to (perhaps a kitchen, where the third wheel can bake cookies for the couple.) The third wheel may feel uncomfortable about watching the couple canoodle on his her her sofa, but none of this is taken into consideration.
by Emu December 13, 2004
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One who Google's the words "third" and "wheel" (together) after being named such.

SEE ALSO: Forever Alone
Johnny went home and Google'd "third wheel" after being called one. He hasn't gone outside since...
by jizzinmypantsok February 14, 2013
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A person hanging out with two people (usually a couple) that are in a sence leaving him/her out. Called the third wheel because either:

-Having any odd number of wheels on an object generally messes it up.

-Third wheel on a bike makes a tricycle, something thats safe for kids be left alone with.
Well, if your bringing your girlfriend, I'll have to take my cousin with me, don't wanna be the third wheel.
by Sorasen March 23, 2006
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Where one person hangs out with two people who are dating in situations and places where couples usually hang out like at the movies or at restaurants.

Third wheelers make the situation extremely awkward for a couple to show affection towards each other or talk about things pertaining to their relationship.

Third wheelers also invade time with potential couples. Usually they are invited to hang out because of pity and consideration. It is also awkward for the one who unintentionally becomes the third wheel when the couple sort of distances themselves from them so that they can do things as a couple.
I'm not going to the movies with you guys tonight, I don't want to be a third wheel. It is like watching a poorly scripted romance movie!
by PTrockstar92 June 08, 2011
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When your gaming online and your two friends are playing together without you but your still talking to them
"Guess I'm the Third Wheel again" said Jim as his two friends were playing Destiny together
by Asian No: 69 January 04, 2015
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